Thursday, June 8, 2017

20% Project 4-5- Final Post

This week was the final week for me and my partner Esha. We ended up finishing a little bit earlier than planned. This week me and Esha finished making the goodie bags. In the end we finished with 60 goodie bags to give to the residents. We also went to the nursing home this week and delivered them. We went together on Thursday June 8 and delivered them to the residents. We are now going to be working on our video and presentation for next week. We will be working together and most likely we will be making a powerpoint and an iMovie about our whole experience. In our powerpoint we will be talking about our process about making the goodie bags and our iMovie will be a "trailer" of us at the nursing home.

Below is the final product we made:

Friday, June 2, 2017

20% Project 4-4

This week was a super chaotic week for me and Esha. We did not get that much time to work on our project due to Parcc makeups, Alt. Med Presentations, Bio Testing, etc. Overall, it was way to hectic for us. Esha ended up buying more goodies to put in our bag which is good but we are not sure if it is enough to finish our project. We have also fallen back on our schedule because according to our planning we should have been done with our goodie bags by June 1 which we aren't. This is a problem. We managed to accomplish making some goodie bags on Friday but since it was Color Wars, we weren't really focused on our project. Hopefully we can speed up our process next week and be able to finish our project.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

20% Project 4-3

This week was a very slow week for me and my partner , Esha. This week I had to go to India for family matters so I was not there with her to make goodie bags. Since I was not there I left all my supplies with her so she can create the goodie bags. She did not have to do that much work by herself since, the week before we made extra goodie bags since I wasn't going to be there. This made things a little bit more easier for.  Even though I was in India, I was still in contact with Esha. She informed me of some of the problems we ran into. One big problem is that we are out of supplies. Since this is an issue, we are going to have to go back to the dollar store and buy some more supplies this weekend. Hopefully, by next week we will be make to our normal routine and get everything we need done.

Day 3: Friday, May 19, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

20% Project 4-2

This week me and my partner , Esha, did many things for our 20% project. Over the last weekend we both went to the dollar store and picked up some goodies to put in our goodie bags. These included different toys, puzzles, etc. We both spent 35 dollars each for this. Esha bought the bags to make the goodie bags and I brought in tape, scissors, etc. also. We also ran into some challenges this week. I was leaving school because I had a family matter to attend in India. And since our goal was to make 5 bags a day , me and Esha had to speed up our process. So, this past Monday we did more bags than we needed to and added to the pile on Tuesday. Therefore, we would be ahead of the game in 20% time and I wouldn't miss as much when I was in India.

Day 1: Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 2, Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

20% Project 4-1

This week me and my partner (Esha) started our 20% project. We first started by developing our proposal and sending it to Mr. M. My project is that me and Esha will be making goodie bags for a local nursing home and delivering it to them. We will be making progress on this this week. This weekend I will get some of the "goodies" I will need to make the goodie bags this Saturday from the dollar store and Esha will get the bags we will need this weekend. Then, starting next week we will be making 5 bags every day. We have not run into any challenges yet because we are not that far into the project yet.   I think the only challenge we might possibly have right now is miscounting and not making enough goodie bags. However I think this is doubtful because me and Esha are being very careful and we are making sure we don not leave anyone out. Hopefully, in the future none occur. We are making slow progress but I am excited to see what it turns into.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Current Events 4-2

Google's Waymo gives free self-driving car rides in Phoenix

Waymo is Google's self driving car program, and announced late Monday that it will give hundreds of Phoenix residents free rides in its self-driving Lexus SUVs and Chrysler Pacifica minivans. The company is looking for people from diverse backgrounds and varied transportation needs. Google, which owns Waymo, has long been the world leader in self-driving vehicle technology. One major hurdle to this kind of technology is social acceptance. Passengers will have to get used to entrusting their lives to a machine while on the road. A study last month found that three out of four American fear riding in a self-driving vehicle. Either way, Waymo is taking a significant step toward giving Americans access to self-driving cars.

I was shocked when I saw these article because it is so amazing to me that we will eventually have self-driving cars. This is yet another amazing advancement in technology. I have always heard people talk about these things but I haven't really though t about if they will come true until I saw this article. I think it would be awesome to think that one day a self - driving car will be driving me around.

Mcfarland, M. (2017, April 25). Google's Waymo gives free self-driving car rides in Phoenix. Retrieved April 26, 2017, from

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mr.M's Videos

Throughout the whole semester, Mr.M has posted videos for us on his blog, giving us step to step instructions on how to do a certain task. I would say that these videos are very helpful and quick. So far, he has posted videos helping us with our pamphlets, tables on Word, etc. 

Even though these videos are very helpful there are some downsides to some. Sometimes the mic used is not good because you will not be able to hear the speaker very well. Also, sometimes, the video will not give you exact measurements needed. This is a little frustrating sometimes, but I understand that some things we just got to use our brains and figure it out. 

Although videos are very helpful I do not think they are suitable for everything I do. Some things need to be taught in a visual way for students to understand. For example, a chemistry teacher would probably show students how to a lab step by step so no one gets hurt. It is also easier for the students to see what to do and the teacher also can help them if they make mistakes while doing the lab. 

Overall, I think Mr.M's videos taught us effectively how to do something, but some adjustments could be made. Also, videos will not be effective in every situation.